Concert Choir

Concert Choir is Saugus High School’s most advanced ensemble. Students perform music of many genres, languages and periods in history with particular focus on classical, ethnic and modern art both accompanied and a cappella. The students perform extensively throughout the year at festivals, concerts and in the community.

Concert Choir Parent Rep: Dianna Domingo

Student Reps: Brielle Farmer & Kelsey Alter

Concert Choir Members:
Kelsey Alter
Kayla Calove
Johnny Domingo
Harry Eaton
Evan Emery
Brielle Farmer
Steven Flynn
Rissa Gross
Lyssa Hiatt
Madison Larsen
Tanya Mannion
Ninveh Mansour
Mark McAllister
Audrey McCullum
Katherine Morsch
Isabella Ra
Gabriela Russell
Ryley Simmons
Abby Snider
Jordan Thomas
Brad Triana
Kim Waitkus
Deion Wilkes

For upcoming concert choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.


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