Show Choir

Show Choir is Saugus High School’s version of “Glee”. This choir is a performing group in which the students dance as well as sing. They will perform at multiple festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Show Choir Parent Rep: Jacki Reideman

Student Reps: Brooke Jordan

Show Choir Members:
Rhianne Beattie
Jessica Bustios
Marilina Campopiano
Shania Castro
Theresa Ceballos
Casandra Crosson
Kaitlynn De Ville
Patricia Estrellado
Jazmine Guevara-Grant
Amanda Herzer
Megan James
Jasmine Jauregui
Brooke Jordan
Lauren Jordan
Bailey Kramer
Kassandra LaGiusa-Riedeman
Deeana Lanier
Samantha Larmon
Renee Limon
Alicia Long
Ariana Martinez Fernandez
Lillyanna Munoz
Deanna Newman
Eugene Pang
Alejandra Perez Lima
Melissa Phillips
Taline Salah Eddine
Jasmyn Saldivar
Victoria Schwartz
Emma Standel
Storey Weed

For upcoming concert choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.



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