Womens Ensemble

Women’s Ensemble is Saugus High School’s intermediate level group for ladies. Music of various genres, languages and periods in history will be performed and vocal development and style will be focus on. Students perform standard, classical repertoire as well as pop music and modern art songs. This group performs at concerts, festivals and in the community throughout the year.

Women’s Ensemble Parent Rep: Michelle Marcellin

Student Reps: Ryley Simmons & Kendyll Holzmann

Women’s Ensemble Members:
Valeria Avakian
Hayley Bare
Kohper Dawson
Taylor Doucette
Rebecca Dugger
Anela Duxbury
Hannah Fagan
Jazmine Guevara-Grant
Megan Hartung
Lyssa Hiatt
Kendyll Holzmann
Katherine Jeffrey
Deeana Lanier
Jessica Macoritto
Vanessa Manzo
Sophia Marcellin
Audrey McCullum
Emily Morris
Flor Mota
Natalie Nichols
Kayla Ochwatt
Tessa Pniewski
Emily Pontrelli
Sophia Quinteros
Vicky Rodriguez
Ryley Simmons
Kalani Smith
Karen Soto
Allison Stewart
Julie Sui
Lauren Wang
Devon Wells
Jacie Wright

For upcoming concert choir dates, see the CALENDAR page.



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